Kroger Shopping Guide

Good to know:  As of 3/1/2013 Kroger in the Cincinnati region will no longer double coupons. Read more

Kroger Plus Card

If you shop at Kroger having a Kroger Plus Card is a must. You need one to:

Ask a cashier for your Kroger Plus Card and they can get you set up right at the register.

Double Coupons (In some areas)

In many regions Kroger automatically doubles your manufacturer’s coupons up to $1.00. For example, a $.50 coupon doubles to $1.00 and a $.75 coupon also doubles to $1.00 making them worth the same. If you’re unsure whether or not your Kroger store doubles coupons you can contact them through their website and ask.

Digital Coupons

Kroger digital coupons are considered to be manufacturer’s coupons and will not stack with your paper manufacturer’s coupons. Your Kroger digital coupons will come off your bill before any paper coupons, can only be used once and cannot be removed once your rewards card is scanned.

Note: From time to time Kroger will offer special digital coupons that can be used up to 5 times. These coupons are a different color and will clearly state how many times they can be used.

Good to know:  Kroger digital coupons do not double, therefore, if your store doubles coupons and you have a $0.50 paper manufacturer’s coupon for toothpaste you’ll save more with it over the digital version since the paper coupon will double to $1.00 whereas you’ll only save $0.50 with the digital coupon. As a general rule beware of adding digital coupons under $1.00 if you have the same paper coupons. Of course if you’re buying more items than you have paper coupons for by all means grab the digital coupon, too! Kroger’s digital coupon policy and digital coupon help.

MEGA Event Sales

When you see a Mega Event Sale get ready to stock up! Mega sale rules will vary from region to region, but here’s how they generally work:

  • When you buy a certain number of participating items you’ll receive instant savings at the register. For example, buy 10 items and get $5 off.
  • You do NOT have to buy 10 of the same item, so mix-and-match away!
  • In this example $.50 will come off each item at the register.
  • Yes, you can use all your coupons the same way you normally do during these Mega event sales which makes for AWESOME savings.

If you have questions about these Kroger sales in your region drop them a line and ask.

Kroger Fuel Points

Save big on gas! When you make a purchase and use your Kroger Plus Card you earn fuel points for each dollar you spend. In some areas you’ll earn double points for pharmacy and gift card purchases and from time to time they’ll have special promotions allowing you to earn 4x the fuel points, so watch for them.

You can redeem these points at the pump at Kroger fuel centers or at Shell stations using your Kroger Plus Card. If you don’t have your card handy you can use an alternate ID, such as your phone number, which you can set up through your online Kroger account. An alternate ID is great to share with a friend or family member if you don’t use all the points yourself.

Kroger Mobile App

Kroger offers a mobile app for Android and iPhone that allows you to view your existing digital coupons, add new ones, view the weekly ad, see your rewards and search for store locations.

It’s free and a convenient alternative to printing your list of digital coupons and toting around the ad!

Rain Checks

Kroger offers rainchecks for out-of-stock items which are good for 1 month. Using rainchecks also gives you more time to collect extra coupons. Simply go to the service desk to request yours.

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